How the Other Half Live

English homes rich and poor!

An Englishman’s home is his castle so the saying goes. Southern England has some of the most magnificent of stately homes, imposing castles and comfortable manor houses as well as charming thatched cottages and Georgian gems.

Choose the area of Southern England you would like to explore and we will design your tour to explore some wonderful and intriguing homes and scenic towns and villages. 


On the tour you will:

  • Have a guided tour of your route with a Blue Badge Guide.

  • Visit a stately home or manor house.

  • Have a guided tour of a castle or fort.

  • And the chance explore an English village or town

  • Take time to sample local, traditional food in a pub or eatery of your choice.



The services of a local expert Blue Badge Guide

Your chosen food venue booked

Entrances can be pre-booked

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