Global Connections and Genealogy Tours


The United Kingdom, once a great maritime power, has historic and cultural links with countries all around the Globe. Global Connections tours are for visitors who want to explore these fascinating and illuminating links with the Old World. Itineraries for the Global Connections Tours can be custom designed to uncover your personal links with the England using your family history and records to locate the places they knew and the routes they took to the New World.

Trace the story of the key royal, constitutional and founding links between the United States and United Kingdom visiting some of the most iconic sites in southern England. Your qualified Blue Badge Guide will reveal, at each location you visit, fascinating details of how the foundations of the special relationship between the rulers and people of both nations were forged.

Mayflower 400 – Plymouth The Mayflower City

Enjoy a guided tour of old Plymouth, the Barbican and Hoe, and visit superb exhibitions about Mayflower that tell the story of the Pilgrims’ mission.Take a guided trip to Buckland Abbey, the Drake family home, to discover Sir Francis Drake’s story and the great changes that took place in Tudor England and ultimately giving rise to the great migration westwards, across the Atlantic.

Mayflower 400 – Dorset Faith and Enterprise
in the New World

The county of Dorset sent many founding settlers to the East Coast of North America; from Roanoke, Jamestown and Massachusetts to Newfoundland and Bermuda.  This tour goes off the beaten track in rural Dorset to tell the story of Sir Walter Raleigh, trace evidence of the Washington family and the Stars and Stripes and discover how Dorset’s pilgrims set up founding settlements to forge their own story in the New World.

Spend the day exploring one of Devon’s most historic and scenic harbour towns and the stunning estuary of the River Dart set deep in the Devon landscape.  Your qualified Blue Badge Guide will bring alive the local stories of the Pilgrim Fathers as they share with you the history of the people and the locations that are key to the start of their journey to America.


The small rural county of Dorset sits directly opposite the Cherbourg Peninsular and, consequently, played a vital role in the preparations and embarkation for D-Day and the liberation of Europe.  From November 1943 Dorset became part of a massive military training depot as British, U.S. and Allied troops assembled across southern England.


The idyllic country villages of Hampshire and the great maritime ports of Portsmouth and Southampton played a vital role in the preparations and launch of D-Day.  From November 1943 the county became part of a massive military training depot as British, U.S. and Allied troops assembled across southern England.

The Churchill Tour

The Churchills, possibly the most famous non-royal family in England, have origins in south-west England in medieval and Tudor times. In Stuart and modern times the military and political abilities of John Churchill, Duke of Marlborough and Sir Winston Churchill in the Twentieth Century have placed them at the centre of European and world events. This tour visits the less well known sites across southern England to explore the wider story of their achievements and influence in times of war and peace.

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