Cultural Experiences


The south of England is a region of cultural contrasts; each county and landscape has its own distinct sense of place and identity. Cultural Experience tours explore the area through the work of the writers and artists inspired by the region and the stories of the traditional ways of life of the people who have made their lives here over millennia.

Jane Austen – Hampshire to Bath and Lyme Regis

Jane Austen’s novels are set in the landscape and culture of privileged society of Regency England. Hampshire was her beloved home whilst Bath and Dorset provided inspiration for her plots. This 2 day tour explores both areas uncovering sites she knew and film locations used to portray her books on screen.

Art and Drama in Cornwall

Cornwall is loved by artists for its inspirational landscapes, picturesque fishing villages and the nature of the light on the surrounding seas. The Cornish schools have pioneered the visual arts in Britain since the 19th Century. Cornish culture has deep Celtic roots threaded with myths and legends kept alive by storytellers, playwrights and songsters.

How the other half Live – English homes rich and poor!

An Englishman’s home is his castle so the saying goes… Southern England has some of the most magnificent of stately homes, imposing castles and comfortable manor houses as well as charming thatched cottages and Georgian gems. Experience their individual charms and learn about their special histories.

Oh we do love to be beside the Seaside

The British love a seaside holiday – never mind the weather. The south west coast of England offers wonderful cliff-top landscapes, clean beaches, charming seaside towns, artistic inspiration and excellent food.

Thomas Hardy – a Wessex Life

Thomas Hardy is much loved for his ability to capture the dramas and landscapes of rural in England in the 19th Century. We visit the villages, towns and countryside he knew so intimately following the course of his great novels, his life and the locations used for works such as Far From the Madding Crowd and Tess of the D’Urbervilles.

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